WP Job Manager 1.33.0 Released

We’ve released a new version of WP Job Manager with some new features and bug fixes.

You can download the latest release here or head over to Dashboard → Updates to update your plugins from inside WordPress.

Please note: While we have thoroughly tested this release, it’s always possible that we missed something, so we strongly advise you to test the update yourself on a staging site before updating your live site.

Some key changes in this release include:

  • Added client side validation on the job submission form for the job category and job description fields.
  • Added a submit button to the [jobs] filter form for improved accessibility.
  • Added option to show the company logo on the Featured Jobs widget.
  • Updated how the [jobs] shortcode maintains the form and results when you navigate into a job listing result.
  • Added access to the standard job listing fields in the REST API.
  • Added a warning about upcoming minimum PHP version bump to 5.6.20 (matching WordPress 5.2).

You can see a full list of changes in the changelog for the release.

In addition to this release, we’ve also been busy releasing updates to our official extensions. The following extensions have been updated in the last few weeks:

  • Resume Manager 1.17.2 added the option for having password fields on the user registration form, removed the nonfunctional LinkedIn Import functionality, and flushed the resume listing cache when a resume is deleted.
  • WooCommerce Paid Listings 2.8.3 fixed a bug related to orders with deleted products and added compatibility with WP Job Manager 1.33.0.
  • Indeed Integration 2.2.1 included a bug fix that was causing fatal errors on the [jobs] page when geocoding errors were encountered.
  • Embeddable Job Widget 1.1.1 fixed an issue with styles and enhanced select fields when creating a widget.
  • Application Deadline 1.2.2 changed the applications closed notice so it only appeared after the applications were indeed closed.
  • Job Tags 1.4.1 fixed issues related to the CSS styles not getting loaded on the shortcodes and the job tags not showing up in WordPress’ new block editor.
  • Simple Paid Listings 1.3.2 fixed the issue with encoded characters showing up in Stripe’s order description and orders without email addresses failing.

WP Job Manager 1.33.0 Beta 1

Our next major version of WP Job Manager is ready for testing. We have fixed some bugs and added some new features, including the ability to save drafts of job listings on the frontend, access to job listing fields in the REST API, and some minor improvements to the [jobs] shortcode.

Please help us test this beta by installing it on your staging site. You can download the beta and see more detailed testing instructions from the GitHub release page. To report new issues between this release and the most recent stable version (1.32.3), please file a bug report on GitHub and include a list of your current theme and active plugins.

As this is a beta release, please test on a staging site and not your live site. If you don’t have a staging site, you can use the WP Staging plugin to create one.

Thumbnails and Improved Interactivity for Bookmarks

Bookmarks 1.4.0 has just been released, which includes a couple of notable improvements.


Version 1.4.0 adds the company logo to bookmarked job listings, and the candidate’s photo to bookmarked resumes (when using the Resume Manager add-on):

WP Job Manager Bookmarks

Improved Interactivity

This release allows for easier and faster interaction when adding, updating or deleting bookmarks by utilizing AJAX in themes that support it. This means that you won’t need to wait for the entire page to reload after making changes to your bookmarks:

Change Log

Here’s the full list of changes:

* Bookmark actions (adding, removing, and updating) now happen in the background for themes that support it.
* Adds support for `order` (`date`, `post_date`, and `post_title`) and `orderby` (`ASC` and `DESC`) arguments in `[my_bookmarks]` shortcode.
* Adds thumbnail for resume and job listings next to the bookmark in `[my_bookmarks]`.
* Fixes issue with pagination when there are expired or deleted listings bookmarked.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

No Longer Selling Apply with Facebook

We wanted to let everyone know that Apply with Facebook will no longer be sold on WPJobManager.com starting today. Due to some changes that Facebook has made to their API, it is no longer possible to retrieve information such as education and work history, which drastically reduces the usefulness of the Apply with Facebook add-on.

Note that:

  • We continue to offer support for the duration of your active subscriptions.
  • Documentation remains available, should you need it.

Have any questions or concerns? We’re happy to help, just open a ticket.

What’s New in WP Job Manager 1.31.0

We’re pleased to announce that WP Job Manager 1.31.0 has shipped!

You can download the latest release here or head over to Dashboard → Updates to update your plugins from inside WordPress.

Please note: While we have thoroughly tested this release, it’s always possible that we missed something, so we strongly advise you to test the update yourself on a staging site before updating your live site.

Here’s the punch list of what’s included:

  • Support for sending email notifications
  • Adding the ability to delete plugin data when WP Job Manager itself is deleted
  • Updating the minimum required version of WordPress to 4.7
  • Hiding empty categories when filtering jobs
  • Filtering by filled and featured jobs on the Job Listings page in WP Admin
  • Preserving the currently active tab when updating the settings
  • Adding company logo to the structured data

You can find the full list of changes in the change log.

Email Notifications

This release introduces an email notification system that includes the ability to send an email when:

  • A new job is submitted
  • An existing job is updated
  • A job listing is about to expire

Some aspects of email notifications can be configured on the new Email Notifications tab in the settings:

Email notification settings

GDPR Compliance

Enforcement of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) begins shortly after the release of WP Job Manager 1.31.0. To help with GDPR compliance, we’ve added the ability to delete plugin data when WP Job Manager itself is deleted. This setting is off by default:

Delete data on uninstall

Read more about the GDPR.

Minimum WordPress Version

Please note that in order to support the REST API and some upcoming features, we’re bumping the minimum required version of WordPress to 4.7.

What do you think of the latest release of WP Job Manager? Let us know in the comments!

Transitioning to Subscriptions

We’d like to let you know that our WP Job Manager add-ons will be switching to a subscription-based business model one week from now, on January 29th, 2018.

What does this mean for me? 

If you’ve purchased add-on licenses from us before, they will become one-year subscriptions only if you manually renew them after January 29th.

If you’re a brand new customer making a purchase after January 29th, you will get a subscription and be opted-in to automatic renewals from the start.

Either way, once you have a subscription they will automatically renew each year, without you having to worry about expired license keys ever again. 🙂

Why are we doing this?

Having licenses expire means that your add-ons will eventually become outdated and cause problems. An expired license also means that, when you contact us for help with those problems, we can’t provide you with support when you need it most.

Moving to an automatically renewed subscription model takes care of that issue by ensuring that your site always performs at its best, and that we can always help you!

Is your pricing changing?

No. You’ll still get the 30% discount each time your subscription renews.

Can I turn off automatic renewals?

Yes. You can disable automatic renewals after January 29th by taking the following steps:

  1. Log into WPJobManager.com.
  2. Make sure you’re on the Support > My Account page.
  3. In the “My Subscriptions” section, click View.
  4. Click Cancel to stop the subscription from auto-renewing.
  5. Repeat those steps for each separate purchase you’ve made.

Note: if you don’t see the “My Subscriptions” section in Step 3, you don’t have any subscriptions yet, so nothing will be auto-renewed anyway.

I have other questions.

Please reach out to us using our pre-sales form here.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned to the blog for more information!

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