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  • WP Job Manager 1.40.2

    • Revert: Hide expired job listings from archives
  • WP Job Manager 1.40.1

    • Fix: Icons not displaying properly
  • WP Job Manager 1.40.0

    • Enhancement: Improve licensing page experience
    • Enhancement: New email notifications setting
    • Enhancement: Improve discoverability of addon updates
    • Enhancement: New admin notices sytem with redesign
    • Fix: “Hide Expired Listings Content” setting
    • Fix: Hide expired job listings from archives
    • Fix: Show license notice only to users who can manage licenses
    • Fix: Select menu overlapping in Job Listing frontend
    • Fix: Company video overlapping when no tagline set
    • Change: Update tipTip library to use WooCommerce’s version
    • Change: Bumped minimum PHP version from 7.2 to 7.4
  • Job Tags 1.4.4

    Tweak: Update plugin headers.

  • Simple Paid Listings 1.4.4

    Maintenance: Update plugin headers.