Requesting features for WP Job Manager

You can find all the existing enhancement requests in GitHub, our external repository. Feel free to subscribe to any issue that interests you and add a comment if necessary.

If the feature request you’re looking for does not appear in our repository, submit your feature request using the form below. Please note that this is NOT for support related questions. While writing your request, please include a brief summary of the feature and any further details to help us understand what your request is about. 

We can’t guarantee we will get to add the requested feature to the plugin or that it will happen as soon as you would like it to. However, our development team will check out all requests and, if it aligns with our product goals, add your idea to the backlog so that we can start tracking it. 

If you or your client really wants that feature, WP Job Manager is extendable and developer friendly – and you’re more than welcome to develop your own extension.