The online job market is brimming with opportunities, which is great news for applicants but poses a significant challenge for companies that need to stand out in a saturated market. 

The reality is, that not every applicant who comes your way will be the right fit for your organization, and not every job offer you extend will be accepted. This is why it’s critical to attract a high number of applicants, making it easier for you to narrow down your candidates to the right fit.

This article focuses on essential tips and strategies designed to enhance your recruitment efforts. From diversifying recruitment channels to refining each method, we aim to offer practical insights on getting more applicants for a job, ensuring you attract more and better-suited candidates for your organization.

Key strategies for attracting more job applicants 

Here are some key strategies to enhance the effectiveness of your job posts and attract talented and well-suited applicants.

1. Host a job board on your company website

Having a dedicated job board on your company website puts you at an advantage in a competitive job market: 

  • It allows for complete branding control so that your job posts align seamlessly with your company’s image and values. 
  • Hosting your job board incurs no cost per post, providing a cost-effective solution for your recruitment needs.
  • A fundamental advantage of a proprietary job board is direct access to analytics, providing insights into candidate types and enabling you to refine your recruitment strategies accordingly.
  • Additionally, having a job board on your site allows you to carve out a niche in the job market. You can target specific searches and job seekers, effectively sidestepping the intense competition on larger job posting platforms like LinkedIn.

Furthermore, your company website is a comprehensive representation of who you are and what you do. Hosting job openings on your company website ensures easy access for potential applicants, achievable through a dedicated menu tab or links from the homepage and relevant pages.

For those using WordPress, creating a job board becomes a streamlined process, which you can further simplify using WP Job Manager, a dedicated job board plugin built by Automattic,  a leading entity in the WordPress industry with brands such as WooCommerce,, and Jetpack under their belt. This free, open-source plugin, complemented by a range of paid extensions, supports the creation of a robust, professional job board. 

WP Job Manager is a free open-source job board plugin for WordPress.

With WP Job Manager you can easily create an effective job board for your openings and also offer the option to host job posts from other companies as a monetization strategy. Refer to the plugin’s official documentation for a step-by-step guide on getting started. 

Creating job postings with WP Job Manager

2. Create effective job postings

The way you present your job openings will make or break a potential candidate’s decision to apply, so it’s crucial that you master how to create an effective job posting.

To achieve this, you need to give attention to every aspect of your job post, from a clear title to an engaging description.s. The content and style of your post are critical to capturing attention and interest. It is also important to use active and personal language that allows the candidate to envision themselves in the role. 

3. Include salaries and benefits in your posts

A crucial aspect of attracting the right candidates is transparency about the salary range and benefits offered. Salary often serves as the primary filter for job seekers browsing through listings, and posts that lack clear salary information or those with offers that do not meet the candidates’ expectations will likely be disregarded immediately. 

Once the salary criteria are met, potential applicants compare the benefits different employers offer. These benefits can vary widely, from traditional offerings like health insurance to modern welfare perks like gym subsidies or remote work options.

In the current job market, where candidates often have multiple options, the distinctiveness and attractiveness of your benefits package can be a decisive factor. By detailing salary and benefits in your job postings, you showcase your company as an employer that meets the needs and preferences of the modern workforce.

4. Express your employer brand and mission statement

Differentiating your job postings in a crowded market requires a strong expression of your employer brand, especially with a focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) commitments. When crafting your job postings, discuss your company’s mission statement along with the ethos, values, and culture of your organization.s. This approach helps attract candidates who are aligned with your company’s values and vision. 

Most importantly, effectively communicating your employer brand fosters a connection beyond the job role, attracting candidates who resonate with your company’s purpose and are likely to be engaged and committed long-term.

5. Ease up geographical restrictions

Post-pandemic, remote working flexibility or work-from-home options have become highly valued by a large segment of the workforce, although this isn’t universally the case. According to the American Opportunity Survey, workers aged 54 and over are almost 10% less likely to opt for work-from-home opportunities. However, a substantial 65% of the workforce desires flexibility. 

Offering flexible work locations and easing geographical restrictions allows employers to access a wider talent pool, attracting applicants who value work-life balance and those beyond local areas. In a digitally connected world, remote work is a strategic advantage for drawing diverse, top talent, and highlighting this in job postings can boost applicant quantity and diversity.

6. Stay concise and realistic

In the present cutthroat job market, it’s tempting to overload job postings with information to make them stand out. However, this strategy can often backfire, overwhelming or deterring potential candidates. 

The key is to strike a balance: Be concise yet comprehensive. 

Your job post should briefly convey all necessary information, capturing the essence of the role and your company without unnecessary elaboration. This approach also respects the candidate’s time and attention, as they are likely scrolling through numerous postings. 

A clear, straightforward, and realistic job description attracts attention as well as sets realistic expectations, ensuring that applicants are well-informed and genuinely interested.

7. Make your posts SEO-friendly

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial for making job posts discoverable. Optimizing job listings with targeted keywords in titles, job descriptions, and URLs can significantly boost their search visibility, attracting more candidates. 

Using targeted keywords in titles, job descriptions, and URLs to optimize job listings can greatly enhance their visibility in search results.

Beyond just keywords, the structure and format of your job postings play a vital role in SEO. This is where tools like WP Job Manager’s Google Jobs Schema come into play. Integrating with Google Jobs Schema structures your postings for optimal readability by Google’s algorithms, boosting visibility in search results and effectively reaching active job seekers in your field. 

8. Post to effective third-party platforms

While hosting a job board on your company website is crucial, leveraging third-party job board sites is equally important. These platforms come with an established audience and a broad reach, significantly increasing the visibility of your job postings. However, it’s important to note that these benefits come with the challenge of heightened competition.

When selecting third-party platforms, several factors need consideration. 

  • Choose platforms that are frequented by professionals in your field. This will yield more targeted and qualified applicants. 
  • Additionally, consider the user demographic of the platform to ensure this aligns with the type of candidates you seek. 
  • Cost and usability are also critical factors. A platform should offer a good return on investment and be user-friendly for both employers and job seekers. A safe bet would be to post your openings on free job board sites. 

Balancing your postings between large platforms like LinkedIn or Indeed and niche job boards targeting specific industries, regions, or other characteristics can be highly effective. This approach assures broad visibility while also reaching specialized audiences.

In deciding where to post, tools that simplify and automate the process are invaluable. WP Job Manager’s integration with WP JobTarget is an excellent example. It utilizes years of job post data to help identify the most effective platforms for your specific needs. This kind of automation streamlines the posting process and enhances the strategic placement of your job notices, ensuring they reach the most relevant and responsive audience.

The JobTarget integration in WP Job Manager links your job listing site to thousands of popular job boards globally.

9. …But don’t forget about old-fashioned word-of-mouth

Employee referrals remain a powerful tool in attracting quality candidates. When your employees recommend a job at your company to their peers and acquaintances, they add a personal touch that no digital platform can replicate. 

Encouraging your employees to participate in the recruitment process can be as simple as offering referral bonuses. When an employee successfully refers a candidate who is then hired, they receive a bonus, creating a win-win situation. This method ensures that new applicants come with a trusted endorsement. Integrating this traditional approach with more modern recruitment methods can create a well-rounded and highly effective strategy for attracting top talent to your organization.

10. Leverage social media for reach

Social media can be a powerful tool for enhancing recruitment initiatives. Each platform offers unique advantages for job postings. 

For instance, X (formerly Twitter) is ideal for concise, attention-grabbing notices that link to detailed job posts. Instagram, on the other hand, can be used to post visually appealing images with captions that lead to job listings. The key is to maintain a professional yet platform-appropriate tone in your posts.

Beyond these, consider utilizing email alerts to reach potential candidates directly. Tools like MailPoet enable you to send targeted emails about job openings so that your message lands right in the inbox of interested parties.

11. Pick your days when promoting your post

The timing of your job postings can have a significant impact. Motivation levels among job seekers tend to be highest at the beginning of the week, gradually waning as the weekend approaches. LinkedIn reports that over half of job views and applications occur within the first three days of the week. 

By aligning your recruitment efforts with these peak times, you can capitalize on this trend. Timing your posts to coincide with when candidates are most actively job hunting is a simple yet effective strategy to increase views and applications for your postings.

Take your recruiting to the next level and attract more job applicants

Navigating the saturated online recruitment market is an increasingly complex challenge, and. standing out amidst a sea of job postings requires strategic planning and execution. 

This article has outlined several key strategies to strengthen your recruitment endeavors. From diversifying your recruitment methods and crafting effective job posts to utilizing various platforms for optimal reach, these tips are designed to elevate your recruitment game. Implementing these strategies will boost your total number of applicants, enhance their quality, and guarantee that your company attracts top-notch talent.

As you embark on enhancing your recruitment strategy, remember that tools like WP Job Manager can provide a solid foundation. The Core Add-on bundle includes all core extensions, providing a comprehensive solution for your job posting needs. 

The WPJM Pro Bundle encompasses all essential extensions, providing a complete solution for your job posting requirements.

With its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface, WP Job Manager is an excellent resource to streamline your recruitment process and achieve better results. Start implementing these tips today, and take a significant step towards recruiting success.