Get more applicants and promote your listings with JobTarget

It is a big pain to manually get your jobs listed on top sites across the internet. The JobTarget integration with WP Job Manager connects your job listing site with thousands of the most popular job boards around the world.

It is as easy as…


Publish a job in
Job Manager


Click the
‘Promote’ button


Pick your job
boards & budget


Let the
applicants roll in

Maximize reach while minimizing expenses

Choose the ‘Programmatic’ option and leverage historical data from 100 million+ job postings to automatically choose the best sites based on your job details. The bulk purchasing power helps keep sponsored listings costs low for you.

Be everywhere your ideal applicants are

JobTarget integrates with over 25,000 unique job boards — from the big players like LinkedIn and Indeed, to the local and super-niche sites related to your industry.

Accelerate the
hiring process

Ensuring your job listings are on the right job sites can lead to more qualified applicants letting you fill open roles faster. More qualified applicants leads to better hires and better results for your business.

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