• Allow scheduling listings during job submission — add an option to show a ‘Scheduled Date’ field in the job submission form
  • Add new [jobs] shortcode parameter, featured_first so you can ensure featured listings always show up on top.

  • Add support for user sessions without a full account (used in the Job Alerts extension)


  • Improve styling for rich text e-mails
  • Include plain text alternative for rich text e-mails for better compatibility

  • Store previous license when plugin is deactivated for easier reactivation later.

  • Update design for settings and marketplace pages


  • Fix custom role permission issues (#2673)

  • Fix RSS, Reset, Add Alert links not showing on search page without a keyword

  • Improve PHP 8 support

  • Fix numeric settings field issues

  • Improve e-mail formatting and encoding, remove extra whitespace

  • Add file type validation and error message to company logo upload

  • Fix cache issue when marking jobs as filled/not filled via bulk actions

  • Do not emit warning when user with insufficient access to Job Manager menu tries to access wp-admin