We’ve been busy fixing bugs and adding features to WP Job Manager, Resume Manager, Applications, and Simple Paid Listings.

Resume Manager 1.18.0

Settings found in WordPress admin to allow moderation of edits and editing pending resumes.

This release added several features, some of which may look familiar from WP Job Manager. These include:

  • Ability to enable moderation of edits to published resumes.
  • Ability to enable edits to resumes still pending approval.
  • Improved management of resume visibility rules in Settings.
  • Switched to WP Job Manager’s email notifications to take advantage of the new template capabilities. It is now easier to change the content of your email notifications by overriding your theme templates.

This release also fixed several pesky bugs. You can check out the full changelog to review all the changes.

Applications 2.5.0

The job application form with a new date field and reCAPTCHA

reCAPTCHA is now available on application forms. To enable the setting from WordPress Admin, go to Job Applications > Settings > Enable the field reCAPTCHA on the Application Forms tab. Make sure you’ve also set your keys in Job Listings > Settings > reCAPTCHA.

In addition to reCAPTCHA, we’ve also added a few smaller features, such as adding a date field for application forms, allowing multiple file fields to be sent as attachments in emails, sending resume files in emails, and prevented duplicate application submissions by refreshing the success page. Visit the full changelog to see everything that changed in this release.

Simple Paid Listings 1.4

In Simple Paid Listings 1.4.0, we switched to Stripe’s new checkout flow that is Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) compliant. You can read more about SCA on Stripe’s website. This follows new regulations in Europe and makes it more difficult for fraudulent payments to make it through. In 1.4.1 we fixed an issue with the payment descriptor not being sent to Stripe and added back the feature that allows visitors to continue payment from the Job Dashboard. 

WP Job Manager 1.34

The 1.34.0 and 1.34.1 releases were focused on bug fixes, stability, and adding features for theme and plugin authors to use in their plugins. You can take a gander at the changelog to see all the changes made in these releases.


These updates should be available from within WordPress Admin (Dashboard > Updates). For the official extensions, make sure the license information is up-to-date in Job Manager > Add-ons > Licenses tab. You will need an active subscription to receive the update.

Please note: While we have thoroughly tested these releases, it’s always possible that we missed something, so we strongly advise you to test the update yourself on a staging site before updating your live site.