• Job Statistics — enable insights like job listing page views, unique visits and search impressions to be collected and displayed to employers in the jobs dashboard.
  • Add Google reCAPTCHA v3 support


  • New: Job statistics overlay
  • Change: Redesign job dashboard

  • Change: Allow job duplication in the job dashboard for any job

  • Security: Don’t return unpublished jobs only in the promote job endpoint

  • Fix renewals for licenses

  • Fix issues with rich e-mails on some e-mail providers

  • Fix e-mail styling in some e-mail clients

  • Fix expiry date not showing up in backend editor

  • Fix: Add fallback to date format in case it’s missing

  • Fix: Prevent past dates from being used in the datepicker

For developers:

  • Add filter to disable promoted jobs

  • Add placeholder options to select field

  • Job dashboard template has been rewritten