Common customizations and feature requests

Please note: All code examples and plugin suggestions are provided for reference or guidance only, and we cannot guarantee that they will always work as expected. Our support policy does not include assistance with modifying or debugging code from any code examples, or providing support for any suggested 3rd-party plugins.

Customization/feature requests that can be resolved by our add-ons and tutorials

“I would need users to be able to respond to job requests via a form”
To achieve this, you’ll need the Applications add-on.

Additional fields / Customizing Job Application Forms

With Applications add-on, you can customize the Job Application form. To do that, go to Job Applications > Application Forms where you can either edit the default form or create your own form. Learn more about Applications add-on on this documentation page.

Let the users post comments to their own resumes
You can style these comments as mini-posts for showing to the employers. Here is a tutorial to help you get started:

Automatic redirection when a job listing expires
You’d need to override our default template file to do this. Here’s a general tutorial:

The file to override in this case is:


Customization/feature requests that can be resolved by third party add-ons or the WordPress Developer’s Reference Guide.

Editing resume fields
The Resume Content section is a textarea input type which has TinyMCE editor enabled, to change or add a placeholder text you will need to add some additional custom code to the website. You can also try the following plugin to add the placeholder text:

Please note, this is a 3rd party plugin. We cannot guarantee that it will work as intended.

Multistep form for job submission
Multistep forms are not a default part of the WP Job Manager plugin. You would need to do some customizations to get what you need. You could try using one of the form building third party plugins and use it with WP Job Manager.

Another option would be to customize WP Job Manager templates as described here:

Show extra fields on the Job Listing pages
The sMyles Field Editor plugin can help you achieve that. Please note that we are not the developers of this plugin. If you would like assistance, please reach out here:

Total number of jobs listed
WP Job Manager plugin use WordPress custom post types for creating the job posts on your site. You can use the wp_count_posts function to get a count of posts on a site.

For example, you can use:

wp_count_posts( 'jobs' )->publish;

In order to get a count of published jobs.

More details on the function can be found here:

Display jobs in a carousel
WP Job Manager does not support displaying job listings in a logo carousel. You will need to use other third-party plugins to achieve this.

How to customize/hide a button
You can customize the text inside a button using third party plugins such as Say What or Loco Translate. If you would like to hide a button, custom code will be needed.

REST API doesn’t cover Applications and Resume data
That is correct. While never published officially (has always required define( 'WPJM_REST_API_ENABLED', true ), we will be deprecating this REST API. Our scope and some purpose for the REST API has changed since originally planning it. For now, we’ll just be enabling WordPress core’s REST API on our CPT and custom taxonomies. For more information, please take a look here:

Customization/feature requests that are out of scope

Customize Application add-on
Supporting customization issues is not within the scope of support. However, we do provide some documentation on customization, which you may find helpful:

How to specify distance with the Job Manager Geolocation third party plugin
The functionality to specify distance when creating a job alert is provided by the Job Manager Geolocation. This extension is not part of the core WP Job Manager or the Alerts plugin.

To get help with Job Manager Geolocation, please get in touch with the plugin developers here:

Multiple roles for users creating job posts
WP Job Manager assigned an Employer role to a user when they sign up for an account on your website when posting a job.

In the Core WP Job Manager plugin, the Employer role does not have any special capabilities, and almost any user who is registered on the site can post a new job listing despite their role.

The plugin does not add or modify an already existing role if a user who is already registered on your site posts a job.

You can either manually assign the Employer role to a user or if you want the user to get an Employer role when they post a job, you will have to write some custom code for this functionality.

Do you have a suggestion for an enhancement?

Maybe the feature you are looking to add to WP Job manager would be popular with other users, and you would love to see it as part of the plugin?

If so, please follow the instructions here.

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