Resume Manager: Template tags

Throughout the template files, various tags are used to output resume data. These are really mainly just wrappers for get_post_meta but some handle formatting too. The tags include:


the_candidate_location( $map_link = true, $post = null )

Uses get_the_candidate_location and outputs the candidates location including an optional link to google maps.


the_candidate_title( $before = '', $after = '', $echo = true, $post = null )

Uses get_the_candidate_title to output the candidates current or desired job title.


the_candidate_photo( $size = 'full', $default = null, $post = null )

Uses get_the_candidate_photo to output the candidates photo (or a placeholder).


the_resume_category( $post = null )

Uses get_the_resume_category to output the name of the category the resume was posted in.


the_resume_status( $post = null )

Uses get_the_resume_status to output the resumes current status e.g. active.

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