Overriding Add-On Template Files

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When necessary, WP Job Manager add-ons will include template files, just like WP Job Manager itself.

This allows you to easily customise every add-on to your exact needs.

The following video is an example of how to override an add-on’s template files, specifically with the Applications add-on, but the same technique applies to every add-on. A similar technique is used to override the core plugin’s template files, and is described at this link.

To override an add-on template:

  1. Locate the template file you want to override in the add-on’s ‘templates’ folder.
  2. Open the folder for your active theme and create a new folder with the add-on’s name. e.g. if it’s the Applications add-on, the folder should be named ‘wp-job-manager-applications’*
  3. Copy the template file from the plugin to the new folder inside your theme.
  4. Edit the new template file in your theme and your changes will not be affected when you update the add-on.

Note: The name of the folder that you need to create inside your theme varies depending on the add-on whose template files you are overriding.

*Here’s the list of the folder names that can be used:

  • wp-job-manager-indeed-integration
  • wp-job-manager-ziprecruiter-integration
  • wp-job-manager-resumes
  • wp-job-manager-applications
  • wp-job-manager-embeddable-job-widget
  • wp-job-manager-bookmarks
  • wp-job-manager-alerts
  • wp-job-manager-application-deadline
  • wp-job-manager-simple-paid-listings
  • wp-job-manager-wc-paid-listings
  • wp-job-manager-tags
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