Understanding Job and Resume Search

The Job Listing page

The Job Listing page has a search filter that allows visitors to search the listings by

  • Keywords
  • Location
  • Job Category
  • Job Types
  • Job Tags

Search by Keywords

This search field is designed to do a “string” – as a character, word, or phrase – (all the words in the string) search instead of a “keyword” (that matches word to word) search.

Whenever you try to search for any word or string on the listing page, the search results show all the job or resume listing that contains any of the words in the string you searched for. The function looks for any words or strings matching your query in the Job Title and the listing description.

For example, if your site lists jobs for Software Developer, when you search for “iOS Developer”, the search function will list all the Jobs marching iOS, Developer & iOS Developer

Search by Location

This field works similarly to the Keywords search but only searches the information provided in the Location field of the Job Listing post.

This field also acts as a filter to shortlist the results from the Keyword search. For example, If you search for “iOS Developer” and Location “New York”, the page will show all the active job listings marching iOS or Developer or iOS Developer & New York as the location.

Multiple locations can be searched at once using a semi-colon ; delimited list. For example, if you want to search for positions available in “London, UK” and “New York, USA” at the same time, you would use London, UK; New York, USA.

Job Category & Type

Job Categories and Job Types work similarly to WordPress post categories and types. You need to enable the option for adding Categories & Types to job listings in the settings for the plugin first before using them with the search field. You can enable both settings on the _Job Listing > Settings > Job Listings_ page.

By default, the Job Listing page shows all the active Jobs posted on your site. On visiting the listing page, you can filter out the list by unselecting one or more Category & Type checkboxes in the search filter. The filters also work with the Keyword and Location search to help filter the search results.

Category Filter Type: this setting allows you to either show jobs witing Any category selected in the search field or you can enforce to show Jobs that belong to All the categories selected.

Job Tags

Once you install the Job Tags plugin on your site, you can use Job Tags as an additional taxonomy to categorize and filter job listings. Job tags work similarly to Category & Type filters and help to filter our listings on the Job Detail page or search results.

Unlike Category & Type filters that support multiple selections, you can only use one Job Type at a time for filtering.

Job Tags also create Archive pages listing only the jobs belonging to one type. For example https://example.com/job-tag/

Please note: Category, Type, and Tags filters will only show up on the search field if they are enabled in the plugins and there is at least one active job listing on your site that belongs to the job category or job type and/or has the job tag. If there are no active jobs belonging to a Category, Type or Tags, these will not appear on the search filter.

RSS Feed

Once you search on the Job listing page, the search filter shows a link to an RSS feed. This feed link contains a list of active jobs on your site filtered by your search criteria. You can use this RSS feed link as a direct link to a list of jobs filtered by the search criteria.

The Resumes listing page

The Resumes Listing page has a search filter that allows visitors to search the listings by

  • Keywords
  • Location
  • Category

Troubleshooting & Other Resources

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