RSS Feed for Jobs

WPJM comes with a built-in RSS feed for your job listings. This allows you to easily publish or import those listings into another site.

If you need more information on RSS feeds, this is a good introduction to RSS feeds, and how you might use them. The job listing feed is just a specialized WordPress RSS feed for WPJM.

You can find the default WPJM job feed at:

Note: the RSS feed only shows jobs which have a job `type` assigned to them. So, for example, if no jobs have a job type assigned, then your RSS feed will show 0 jobs, regardless of how many jobs show up on your job listings page.

Customizing your feed

This information is presented solely for informational purposes. We cannot provide support for custom RSS feeds.

This resource from for customizing RSS feeds is for all the details on how RSS feeds work in WordPress generally.

Basically, you can add various arguments and parameters to the feed URL in order to display different, or more specific, listings.

For example:

Argument and Parameter: &job_categories=mycategory1

Full URL:

will only output jobs the assigned category mycategory1.

This parameter and argument:


will allow you to increase the number of listings displayed in your feed, where XX is the desired number.

You can also combine parameters and arguments in the feed URL, like this:

This will display 25 listings assigned to the category mycategory1.

Other arguments you can use to filter results are:


Adding the Company Logo to the Feed

This is a customization, which requires use of the Code Snippets plugin. The tutorial requires some coding knowledge.

Related: A custom job listing search form

Alternately, or in addition to, customizing your RSS feed, you can customize the search filters found on your job listings page using the same arguments.

We have a tutorial for this customization here.

Optional: Embeddable Job Widget add-on

An easy, optional way to display the job listings from one site to another is via the paid add-on Embeddable Job Widget.

↑ Back to Top Disabling the RSS feed

If you want to disable the RSS feed completely, we have a snippet you can use:

add_filter( 'job_manager_job_filters_showing_jobs_links', 'custom_job_manager_job_filters_showing_jobs_links' );
function custom_job_manager_job_filters_showing_jobs_links( $links ) {
unset( $links['rss_link'] );
return $links;

You can add it to the theme functions.php or use a plugin like Code Snippets.