Tutorial: Changing the default email application subject line

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The email application links in Job Manager by default look something like this:

Job Application via “Job Title” listing on Your Site name

There are two methods of customising this;

  1. Using a localisation file and translating the string
  2. Using a filter

The filter method involves adding a small block of code to a plugin like Code Snippets. An example snippet is shown below.

add_filter( 'job_manager_application_email_subject', 'custom_job_manager_application_email_subject', 10, 2 );

// This is your hooked in function. Note: the $post variable is only available after v1.11.2
function custom_job_manager_application_email_subject( $subject, $post ) {
	// By default, $subject will contain: Job Application via "X" listing on X. Change that below
	$subject = 'New subject';
	// Return the new subject
	return $subject;
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