Disable auto filling company details

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By default, WP Job Manager saves the company information filled up in the previous job listing submissions to the user profile and uses this information to auto fill the company details fields when making new job listings submissions.

You can use this code snippet to disable this behaviour:

add_filter('submit_job_form_fields_get_user_data', 'remove_job_form_fields_user_company_data');

function remove_job_form_fields_user_company_data( $fields ) {
	$fields['company']['company_name']['value'] = null;
	$fields['company']['company_website']['value'] = null;
	$fields['company']['company_tagline']['value'] = null;
	$fields['company']['company_twitter']['value'] = null;
	$fields['company']['company_video']['value'] = null;
	return $fields;
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