Tutorial: Changing the resume post_name/permalink

To make resume permalinks unique, the slug has a random string prepended. You can customise this via a filter and custom function added to your theme functions.php file. This code example below shows the code used:

add_filter( 'submit_resume_form_save_resume_data', 'custom_submit_resume_form_save_resume_data', 10, 5 );
function custom_submit_resume_form_save_resume_data( $data, $post_title, $post_content, $status, $values ) {
	// No random prefix - just use post title as the permalink/slug
	$data['post_name'] = sanitize_title( $post_title );
	// This line appends the location of the user
	$data['post_name'] .= '-' . sanitize_title( $values['resume_fields']['candidate_location'] );
	return $data;

Comment out the parts you don’t want appearing in your resume permalinks.

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