Custom development

WP Job Manager core plugin is built to offer basic functionalities and plenty of extending options. Our code is using standard WordPress filters and hooks to enable fast and easy code customization. 

We have a list of common snippets that can change the behavior or appearance of the core plugin and several tutorials that can help you extend its features. We recommend using the Code Snippets plugin for adding snippets to your code.

You can check out our paid add-ons that extend core functionalities and third-party plugins and themes.

Sometimes this won’t be enough for your needs. The site you want to build requires features that no add-on or theme currently offers. The good news is that WP Job Manager is easily customizable and extendable. The bad news is, we can’t help you with that. 

In case you haven’t yet, please check out our scope of support document. Customizing WP Job Manager (or its add-ons) code is not something we can assist with. Here is a short list of what we can or can’t do for you in this case:

Can doCan’t do
Check out if there is a snippet that could help you with what you need. If we have one published, we can point you to it.Create custom snippets or debug your custom snippets.
Help you find a template you need to edit when trying to change the look of a page.Editing the templates or explaining which code you need to edit within a template to get what you need.
Help you find the file that includes the code that controls some functionality.Create custom code, solve coding problems, debug your code.
Advise you about possible third-party plugins that could do what you are looking for within our knowledge and experience.Test third-party plugins for you, debug possible conflicts or create code customizations that will enable WP Job Manager to play nicely with some other plugin.

What to do if you still need help?

You may want to look into one of these services:

Do you have a suggestion for an enhancement?

Maybe the feature you are looking to add to WP Job manager would be popular with other users, and you would love to see it as part of the plugin? 

If so, please follow the instructions here.

Advanced Usage Documentation