GDPR Compliance

We have been asked if WP Job Manager is GDPR compliant and if it does allow for deletion.

WP Job Manager’s parent company, Automattic, is committed to the GDPR. 

Here you can find the most updated information about Automattic and the GDPR,

WP Job Manager has a “Delete Data on Uninstall” setting that you can find under Job Listings > Settings > General.

About individual deletion or extraction

It is important to note that WP Job Manager and its add-ons don’t offer individual user data deletion or extraction. 

The WordPress core is in charge of user records. You can read more about WordPress and GDPR compliance tools at the links I’ve given below:

You can check out this GitHub issue if you’re interested in what WP Job Manager core deletes now upon plugin deletion.

There may be third-party plugins that could accomplish user deletion (and user data deletion) for you if you need to. 

The “Delete Data on Uninstall” option implemented into WP Job Manager core won’t delete users, but it will take away their employer or candidate role.

Database information is all stored in wp_posts and wp_postmeta for Resume Manager and Applications, using a third-party plugin as mentioned above or going through and removing user resumes and applications will delete that user data. 

It may get tricky in the file uploads if you try to remove them after you’ve deleted the resume and application data, so we’d recommend removing file uploads first.

Advanced Usage Documentation