Setting up WP Job Manager

WP Admin > Job Listings > Settings is the page where you can configure the plugin. You’ll see a tabbed interface showing available setting groups:

Setting Tabs

Plugins such as Job Alerts may add their own settings tabs here as pictured.

↑ Back to Top General Settings

The General tab contains the following settings:

↑ Back to Top Job Listings settings

The job listings tab contains the following settings:

↑ Back to Top Job Submission settings

The job submission tab shows options regarding the job submission process in WP Job Manager:

↑ Back to Top ReCAPTCHA Settings

WP Job Manager (and the Applications and Resume Manager add-ons) have ReCaptcha support built in. To enable it, you’ll need to set up a ReCAPTCHA key at Google’s ReCAPTCHA admin dashboard.

Note that WP Job Manager currently supports reCAPTCHA v2 only, so make sure you select that when registering your site.

You will then be provided with a site key and a secret key, which you can enter in the ReCAPTCHA settings page on your site.

↑ Back to Top Pages

The pages tab allows you to select the pages where you’ve inserted the main WP Job Manager shortcodes.

↑ Back to Top Multisite

WP Job Manager can be used on multisite installations. However, please note that it will not sync data between subsites.