Indeed Integration (retired)

Notice: As of 2 November 2020, we  are not longer selling the Indeed Integration addon, either as part of the core addon bundle or as a standalone addon.

Due to some changes that Indeed has made to their API, it is no longer possible to retrieve job information, which drastically reduces the usefulness of the Indeed Integration add-on. Indeed Integration will no longer be sold on

We continue to offer support for the duration of your active subscriptions. Also, documentation remains available, should you need it. If you have any questions or concerns we’re happy to help, just open a ticket.

Indeed Integration was a paid plugin for WP Job Manager 1.7+ which lets you query and show sponsored results from Indeed when listing jobs, and list Indeed jobs via a shortcode.


To install this plugin, please refer to the guide here:

Registering for an Indeed publisher ID

In order to start listing jobs from Indeed’s API you’ll need to register for the Indeed Publisher Program, and obtain a publisher ID. Note that in order to qualify for the Indeed Publisher Program, among other requirements, your site must generate over 10,000 legitimate, unique pageviews per day. Approval may take some days or more than a week to get, or the request may be rejected by Indeed. We have no control over this process.

Once registered and logged into your Indeed account:

  1. Go to the XML Feed tab.
  2. Find the Sample Request section
  3. In that section it will state what your publisher ID is (it’s a 16 digit number). Copy and paste this into the Publisher ID field under Job Listings > Settings > Indeed Integration.

How Indeed Jobs work

This plugin lets you backfill your job board with results from Indeed dynamically. If a user searches and no results are found in your database for example, you can set this plugin to pull in X results from Indeed’s API and display them instead.

Any jobs shown will link right through to Indeed where the user can read more details about a position.


The settings are found in Job Listings > Settings > Indeed Integration. The following settings are available:

  • Publisher ID – To show search results from Indeed you will need a publisher account. Obtain this here: This is also needed in order to generate a feed for exporting to Indeed.
  • Enable backfilling jobs from Indeed – Choose whether or not you want to display jobs on your site from Indeed.
  • Site type – Choose where results should come from. Indeed supports Job boards and Employer websites (or both).

The default query settings

When a variable isn’t set, for example prior to entering a keyword, these settings control what results are shown.

  • Default query – Enter terms to search for by default. By default terms are ANDed. For example, web designer would query web design jobs by default.
  • Default location – Enter a location to search for by default.
  • Default job type – Choose which type of job to query by default.
  • Default country – Choose a default country to show jobs from. See for the full list of supported country codes.

Backfill settings

This settings control when Indeed jobs get shown and where.

  • Backfilling (no results) – If there are no jobs found, backfill with X jobs from Indeed instead. Leave blank or set to 0 to disable.
  • Backfill before jobs – Show a maximum of X jobs from Indeed above your job listings. Leave blank or set to 0 to disable.
  • Backfill after jobs – Show a maximum of X jobs from Indeed after the last page of your job listings. Leave blank or set to 0 to disable.
  • Backfill per page – For each page of jobs loaded, show a maximum of X jobs from Indeed. Leave blank or set to 0 to disable.

Once configured, Indeed jobs will be listed where appropriate.


The Indeed plugin comes with one shortcode: [indeed_jobs]. This lets you list purely jobs from Indeed based on a search you configure. It supports the following arguments:

  • limit – Defaults to 10 results
  • sort – Controls the sort order. Defaults to relevance, which is the only option at this time.
  • q – Controls the default search query. Defaults to what you use in the settings.
  • l – Controls the default location you search for. Defaults to what you use in the settings.
  • jt – Controls the job type you are searching for, e.g. fulltime. Defaults to what you use in the settings.
  • start – Offset (defaults to 0).
  • radius – Radius (defaults to 25) from your search location.


[indeed_jobs limit=10 jt=fulltime l=NJ]

Note: Indeed no longer allows free uploads of jobs to their site via XML feed.

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