Tutorial: Require an active job package to view resumes

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This tutorial applies to users running both Job Manager Resumes and WC Paid Listings and lets you restrict access to the resumes portion of your site to users with an active job package only.

Configure Resume Access

The first step is to configure resumes for capability based access. Go to Resumes > Settings > Resume Visibility and for each permission enter ‘has_active_job_package’.

Update Resume Visibility

Add a snippet

The following code snippet can go either in a custom plugin, or your theme functions.php file.

What does it do? When WordPress checks if the user has the correct capability to view resumes, it checks the users packages. If they have a package, they are given the capability dynamically.

Modifying the snippet to also check for active job listings

If you also want to allow resume access if they have an active job listing i.e. one they have posted with their package, we can tweak this snippet to also check the listings they have posted.

If they have an active job listing already posted, this will let them view resumes. When that job expires, this check will no longer return true.