Job Tags

Using the Job Tags plugin you can add a new ‘job tags’ field to the submit process, show jobs filtered by tag via shortcodes, and add tag filtering to the standard jobs shortcode.

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To install this plugin, please refer to the guide here:

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After installation, head over to Job Listings > Settings to configure the plugin.

↑ Back to Top Modifications to the Job Submission Flow

This plugin will add a ‘Job Tags’ field to the Job Submission Process. Here a user can comma separate tags for things such as skills and technologies.

Tags equal to or smaller than 3 characters will be assumed to be abbreviations and will be forced uppercase. Any other tags will be lowercase. This is to prevent duplicate tags.

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Jobs tags will be listed after the job description. They will only be linked if you enable the ‘Enable Tag Archives’ option.

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The standard [jobs] shortcode will be automatically enhanced with a ‘filter by tag’ section when at least 1 tag is assigned to a job listing. This will show a tag cloud which when clicked filters the list of jobs.

This can be disabled by adding ‘show_tags=false’ to the shortcode. e.g.

[jobs show_tags=false]

↑ Back to Top The Tag Cloud Shortcode

This plugin adds a [job_tag_cloud] shortcode which will show job tags in a shortcode. This shortcode accepts all arguments supported by the wp_tag_cloud() function.

Tags will only be linked if the ‘Enable Tag Archives’ option is enabled in the settings.

Example: Show 10 tags ordered by count:

[job_tag_cloud orderby="count" number="10"]

↑ Back to Top The Jobs by Tag Shortcode

This plugin adds a [jobs_by_tag] shortcode which will output jobs matching a specific or set of tags.

Args you can pass include:

Example: Show 10 jobs matching a single tag:

[jobs_by_tag per_page="10" tag="your-tag"]

Example: Show 10 jobs matching 2 tags:

[jobs_by_tag per_page="10" tags="your-tag-1,your-tag-2"]