Embeddable Job Widget

With the Embeddable Job Widget plugin, you can show a form on your site that users can generate some embed code with. This embed code can show listings from your site wherever they use the code.

↑ Back to Top Installation

To install this plugin, please refer to the guide here: https://wordpress.org/support/article/managing-plugins/#installing-plugins

Once activated you’ll be able to use the form shortcode.

↑ Back to Top Setting up the Embed Code Generation Shortcode

The embed code generation form can be added to a page using a shortcode. To set this up:

  1. Create a page in WordPress admin – you can name this whatever you want.
  2. Switch from the visual editor to the text editor and add the following shortcode to the page content: [embeddable_job_widget_generator]
  3. Save the page.

The page will show this on the frontend:

2015-01-01 at 14.14

The embed code generation form

↑ Back to Top Using the Embed Code Generator

The embed code generation form contains several options for the widget it generates:

Once you’ve chosen your desired options for the widget, click ‘Get Widget Embed Code‘. This will reveal 2 sections; a preview of your widget, and the code you can paste on a website to display the jobs:

Embed Preview

Embed Preview

The code can be pasted into any website (it doesn’t have to be a WordPress site) and your job listings will be displayed.

↑ Back to Top Advanced: Customising the Widget Templates

There are 4 template files included with this plugin:

To customise these template files e.g. if you want to edit the styling, copy the file from wp-content/plugins/wp-job-manager-embeddable-job-widget/templates/ into yourtheme/wp-job-manager-embeddable-job-widget/.

The version you copy into your theme folder will take priority.

↑ Back to Top Troubleshooting

If no jobs show up when you embed the generated code, please check the following: