Dealing with troublesome themes

Some themes don’t play nice with single job pages. This is usually down to a highly custom, or poorly coded, single.php template.

In order to work, WP Job Manager requires the single template to contain:

The majority of themes do this just fine – its the standard way of doing things. Just refer to the default WordPress themes (Twenty Twelve for example) to see how things should be done.

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To check the theme is actually causing the issue, simply change to the Twenty Twenty theme included with WordPress and see if things look correct.

↑ Back to Top Fixing your single template

First things first, understand that jobs are just a custom post type. That means we can use the template hierarchy to our advantage.

If you create a template file in your theme called single-job_listing.php, it will always be used for jobs. As a starting point, you can copy the contents of single.php or page.php into this file so it contains the html your theme uses.

Now you can customise your single-job_listing.php. Remove code, add code, add a valid loop.

↑ Back to Top A valid loop

Here is an example of a valid loop, complete with heading and content:

As long as you have something like the above, job listings will be output as intended.