Dealing with troublesome themes

Some themes don’t play nice with single job pages. This is usually down to a highly custom, or poorly coded, single.php template.

In order to work, WP Job Manager requires the single template to contain:

The majority of themes do this just fine – its the standard way of doing things. Just refer to the default WordPress themes (Twenty Twelve for example) to see how things should be done.

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To check the theme is actually causing the issue, simply change to the Twenty Twentyone theme included with WordPress, or Storefront theme, and see if things look correct. We always make sure WP Job Manager and its add-ons work with the latest default WordPress theme and the Storefront, so they are great for troubleshooting the issues that may be caused by other themes.

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First things first, understand that jobs are just a custom post type. That means we can use the template hierarchy to our advantage.

If you create a template file in your theme called single-job_listing.php, it will always be used for jobs. As a starting point, you can copy the contents of single.php or page.php into this file so it contains the html your theme uses.

Now you can customise your single-job_listing.php. Remove code, add code, add a valid loop.

↑ Back to Top A valid loop

Here is an example of a valid loop, complete with heading and content:

As long as you have something like the above, job listings will be output as intended.

↑ Back to Top Which template?

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out which template file is used on a page. You can try using a plugin such as What the file to figure out the template that is used.

Once you know the template that is used, you can try overriding the template you need to change. Please check out this tutorial for overriding WP Job Manager templates.

↑ Back to Top Elementor

Although Elementor is not a theme but a plugin, it’s often mentioned with theme-related questions. WP Job Manager doesn’t fully support Elementor. That being said, there are third-party add-ons that could help you with that. You can check out these:

↑ Back to Top Divi

Just as with Elementor, we can’t guarantee WP Job Manager will be fully compatible with Divi.

↑ Back to Top Gutenberg block editor

Since WP Job Manager was built with frontend usage in mind, we haven’t made it fully compatible with the block editor, yet. We recommend adding jobs using the frontend form. However, if you decide to use WP-Admin, job post content will be added as a classic block.