• New! Promote Jobs On Thousands of Job Boards

    Get More Applicants And Simplify Your Job Promotion Process We’re pleased to announce a new integration with JobTarget.com to streamline how you promote job listings from your WordPress website. What is JobTarget? JobTarget.com is an online job distribution service that enables you to add jobs to 1000s of job sites, including LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster.com, and more. You can…

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  • New! Listing Renewals, Better Alerts, and More

    We’re excited to share the latest release of WP Job Manager, Alerts, WC Paid Listings, and Simple Paid Listings. This update includes Listing Renewals, a reworked dashboard for Alerts, Alerts moderation in the administrator screens, and some important bug fixes. Let’s take a closer look at what the latest version offers. Listing Renewals Listing Renewals’ is…

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  • We’ve been busy fixing bugs and adding features to WP Job Manager, Resume Manager, Applications, and Simple Paid Listings. Resume Manager 1.18.0 This release added several features, some of which may look familiar from WP Job Manager. These include: Ability to enable moderation of edits to published resumes. Ability to enable edits to resumes still pending approval. Improved…

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  • Bookmarks 1.4.0 has just been released, which includes a couple of notable improvements. Thumbnails Version 1.4.0 adds the company logo to bookmarked job listings, and the candidate’s photo to bookmarked resumes (when using the Resume Manager add-on): Improved Interactivity This release allows for easier and faster interaction when adding, updating or deleting bookmarks by utilizing…

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  • We’re pleased to announce that WP Job Manager 1.31.0 has shipped! You can download the latest release here or head over to Dashboard → Updates to update your plugins from inside WordPress. Please note: While we have thoroughly tested this release, it’s always possible that we missed something, so we strongly advise you to test the update yourself…

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  • This week we are excited to announce the release of WP Job Manager 1.28.0, with support for Google Job Search, better SEO, and more. This is a major release — we highly recommend updating as soon as possible so you can benefit from all the enhancements and patches.

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  • WP Job Manager Core and Simple Paid Listings Updates

    We’re just over halfway through July and already have two releases under our belt, including a major release to the WP Job Manager core plugin. We hope you enjoy the updates! Read on for more information about what’s new:

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  • After our releases in the beginning of June, we were busy preparing new versions of our WC Paid Listings and Applications add-ons, which we released in the second half of the month. What’s new? Read on for details.

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  • We plan to continue with the regular releases we started in May. In the beginning of June, we had three releases — Applications add-on, WP Job Manager core 1.26.1, and WP Job Manager core 1.26.2.

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  • Earlier this week we released WP Job Manager 1.26.0. This major release comes with a long list of enhancements and patches, so make sure to update your version as soon as possible. Let us know what you think on our official forum, and if you find a bug or want to suggest an improvement, please open a new issue…

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  • It’s been a while since our last check-in — we thought it was about time to let you know what we’ve been cooking up in the WP Job Manager kitchen!

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Latest Releases

  • WP Job Manager 2.1.1

    • Fix link to extensions page (#2650)

    • Update Twitter to the new X logo

  • WC Paid Listings 3.0.2

    • Fix: Add the preview step for renewals (#137)
  • Simple Paid Listings 2.0.1

    • Update supported versions.
  • Resume Manager 2.0.1

    • Update supported versions.
  • Bookmarks 1.4.4

    • Update supported versions.
  • Job Tags 1.4.5

    • Fix: Only run has_shortcode if content is not null (#148)
  • Job Alerts 2.1.1

    • Fix: Only run has_shortcode if content is not null (#148)
  • Embeddable Job Widget 1.1.6

    • Fix: Only run has_shortcode if content is not null (#148)

    • Fix: Fix EJW plugin link (#138)

  • Applications 3.0.2

    • Update supported versions.
  • Application Deadline 1.2.8

    • Update supported versions.
  • WP Job Manager 2.1.0

    • Fix: Remove public update endpoint and add nonce check (#2642)
  • WP Job Manager 2.0.0

    • Enhancement: Improve settings descriptions (#2639)

    • Enhancement: Add directApply in Google job schema (#2635)

    • Enhancement: Add ‘Don’t show this again’ link to dismiss promote job modal in the editor (#2632)

    • Enhancement: Add landing pages for Applications and Resumes extensions (#2621)

    • Fix: Align actions in notices in the center (#2637)

    • Fix: Safeguard array in WP_Job_Manager_Settings::input_capabilities (#2631)

    • Fix: Escape menu titles and various admin labels (#2630)

    • Fix: Incorrectly duplicated string in settings (#2628)

    • Fix: Add array initialization to avoid warning (#2619)

    • Fix: Do not check for plugin updates when there are no plugins (#2605)

    • Change: Reorganize administration menu (#2621)

    • Change: Update naming from Add-ons to Extensions, Marketplace (#2621)

    • New: Allow application deadline to be renewed. (Requires WP Job Manager 1.42.0)
  • Applications 3.0.1

    • Fix past-applications.php template not linking to jobs.
  • Resume Manager 2.0.0

    • Fix: Fix date pickers for dynamically added resume sections

    • Fix: Only load resume scripts on relevant pages

    • Tweak: Scroll to top of resume list after page change

    • Fix: Fix embeds for resumes

    • Tweak: Only show skills if skills are enabled in the settings

  • Job Alerts 2.1.0

    • Fix: Fix my-alerts.php template HTML

    • Fix: Make ‘Add alert’ link relative

    • Fix: Fix redirection after actions on My alerts page

  • WP Job Manager 1.42.0

    • Fix: Fix my-alerts.php template HTML

    • Fix: Make ‘Add alert’ link relative

    • Fix: Fix redirection after actions on My alerts page

  • WC Paid Listings 3.0.1

    • Fix: Do not check if a subscription was switched on activation #105
    • Fix: Allow job subscriptions to be switched #103
    • Fix: Fix package counts for renewals #102
  • Resume Manager 1.19.1

    • Fix: Fix PHP 8.2 deprecations #81
  • Job Alerts 2.0.0

    • Enhancement: Replace my alerts table with list of cards #78
    • Enhancement: Add Job Alerts admin table #80
    • Fix: Fix PHP 8.2 deprecations #81
    • Fix: Fix translation text domain #74
    • Fix: Use Job Type IDs instead of slugs #72