Applications and Core updates

We plan to continue with the regular releases we started in May. In the beginning of June, we had three releases — Applications add-on, WP Job Manager core 1.26.1, and WP Job Manager core 1.26.2.

Applications 2.2.4

This was a major release and we added quite a few fixes and enhancements. Check out what’s new!

  • We added the Rejected status to resume post status options.
  • If you are using the Resume Manager add-on together with the Applications, you’ll be pleased to know that we now include a job title display on the resume drop-down for the resume field type.
  • We made sure that the application file attachments are now deleted when their applications are deleted.
  • On the Application Form editor, we now prevent data handling rules from being used in multiple fields.
  • In previous versions, there was an issue with encoding job names in emails. There was also an issue with the CSV encoding output. These are now fixed!
  • Applications are now moved to trash/restored when their parent jobs are trashed/restored.
  • Resume links are now displayed in employer notification emails.
  • Applications add-on now uses WordPress’ default From in email notifications.
  • We now use the post status object when displaying status to allow for translation of application statuses.
  • Applications can no longer be accepted for closed jobs.
  • Developers, we also added a filter job_application_hired_fills_job and you can use it to allow applicants to be hired without filling the parent job!

WP Job Manager 1.26.1

This was a minor release of the core plugin and we focused mainly on small fixes.

  • WP Job Manager now allows attempts to use Google Maps Geocode API without an API key.
  • We’ve fixed the issue affecting the job expiry date when editing a job listing.
  • The correct total count of results on shortcode [jobs] is now displayed.
  • We now also add the language using WordPress’ current locale to geocode requests.

WP Job Manager 1.26.2

This release focused on preventing the use of Ajax file upload endpoint for visitors who aren’t logged in. Now, when using endpoint in their templates, themes will run a check with job_manager_user_can_upload_file_via_ajax().

What’s next?

Stay tuned! We’ve got more updates coming! If you have any questions or feedback, drop by our forum or send us an email. Cheers 🙂