WP Job Manager 1.26.0 is Live, with Multiple Improvements (and a Fistful of Fixes)

Earlier this week we released WP Job Manager 1.26.0. This major release comes with a long list of enhancements and patches, so make sure to update your version as soon as possible. Let us know what you think on our official forum, and if you find a bug or want to suggest an improvement, please open a new issue at our Github repository.

Curious to discover what we’ve been working on? Read on!

Big Release

What’s New, You Ask?


  • If you’re using the WC Paid Listings add-on, you’ll be excited to know that users now receive a warning when they attempt to edit a listing with a pending payment status. You also have the option to create a new listing instead of editing the old one.
  • The table of individual-page Job Listings in WP Admin is now responsive.
  • We’ve introduced a smoother, more intuitive handling of listing status changes to and from “expired,” as well as of expiration dates.
  • We’ve added new settings to hide the expired listings from the jobs filter.


  • WP Job Manager now uses WP Query‘s built-in search function to improve searching in the [jobs] page.
  • The Job Listings search filter only searches meta fields with relevant content. This release also allows you to search your custom fields with the job_listing_searchable_meta_keys filter.
  • We made a push to improve WPML and Polylang support.
  • To fix geolocation retrieval on new sites, we’ve added the Google Maps API key setting.
  • We sorted out the issue that breaks multiple file upload fields when duplicating a job listing.
  • When you add links to a page with the [submit_job_form] shortcode, we now hide post results in the editor.
  • Job feed now loads when a site contains no posts.
  • Deleting a user would sometimes result in an error. We fixed that.
  • Developers, get ready — plugins and themes can now retrieve JSON from Job Listings results without HTML! (We’ve also made some updates to our inline documentation.)

Big thanks to everyone who contributed! Check out the list of all PRs included in this release and all the Github issues that got closed.

Stay tuned for more info coming from the WP Job Manager HQ!