After our releases in the beginning of June, we were busy preparing new versions of our WC Paid Listings and Applications add-ons, which we released in the second half of the month. What’s new? Read on for details.

WC Paid Listings 2.7.3

This release mainly focused on patching up and enhancing the compatibility between WC Paid Listings and the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension. We tossed in a few other fixes and enhancements as well. The latest WC Paid Listings release notes:

  • If you are using WC Paid Listings together with the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension, you’ll be glad to know that we’ve added the Sign up now button on subscription product pages.
  • We fixed the issue with the post’s approval status getting reset on subscription renewal.
  • Attached job listings now expire when the subscription expires.
  • We fixed the issue where subscription fields occasionally showed up in the standard job or resume package product edit views in WP Admin.
  • The WC Paid Listings add-on now properly deletes the user packages if the corresponding order is canceled.
  • WPJM products can now be featured without having to feature their attached job listings or resumes.
  • Remember the issue with the deletion or restoration of user listing packages when their orders are trashed or untrashed? Fixed!
  • There was a minor issue with updating of the listing counts in standard user listing packages when the listings were trashed or untrashed. We’ve fixed that.
  • The issue with the sale price field not showing up on WP Job Manager product edit views in WP Admin is now fixed.
  • We’ve also fixed the issue with WPML where some WC Paid Listings fields weren’t synced across languages and package counts included language variations.
  • We added a minor WooCommerce 3.x deprecated hook usage update.

Applications 2.2.5

This was a super-small release of the Applications add-on. It focused on stopping escaped HTML from being displayed in the job listings shortcode [jobs] after the last WP Job Manager release that started escaping the title. Instead of adding the Applied notice next to job listings using the_title filter, it uses WP Job Manager’s upcoming wpjm_the_job_title filter. However, until the new version of WP Job Manager is shipped and you’ve updated it on your site, no notice will be displayed.

July is Here!

If you didn’t plan your holiday in July, you’ll be excited to know we’ve got lots of news and updates coming up. Stay tuned! And as always, if you have any questions or concerns, make sure to reach out to us via forums and our pre-sales and support forms.