• Alicadabra

    WP Job Manager does exactly what I needed, but where I’m really impressed is how well it’s templated so that you can very easily customise it via your theme.

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  • Tiny Giant Studios

    Mike has created an excellent, lightweight and modular WordPress Job Board plugin that I’m happy developing 3rd party plugins for.

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  • pxlpshr

    I’m using version 1.0 which only came out 5 days ago, and already blown away by its flexibility and programmatic approach compared to some of the other plugins I tested. Highly recommend!

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  • lwyndham

    When I heard that mikejolley was creating a job board plugin I had great expectations, which I am happy to say WP Job Manager lived up to.

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Latest Releases

  • Job Alerts 3.1.1

    • Fix jobs not being filtered by date for alert e-mails (#467)

    • Fix: Update alert e-mail schedule when alert is edited in the admin screen (#469)

  • Job Alerts 3.1.0

    • Fix empty alert duration causing alerts to expire right away

    • Fix “Manage Alerts” and “Unsubscribe” links in alert e-mails for guest users

    • Fix company name, logo, location not showing in alert e-mails by default

    • Fix job tags that the user searches for not being part of the alert

    • Add a ‘No alerts found’ state to the My alerts page

    • Show alert frequency in my alerts list

    • Fix alert form permission checkbox

    • Fix error when job types are not set

  • WP Job Manager 2.2.2

    • Fix issue with rich e-mails on some e-mail providers (#2753)

    • Fix: ‘featured_first’ argument now works when ‘show_filters’ is set to false.

    • Improve checkbox and radio inputs for styled forms

  • Resume Manager 2.1.0

    • Update the ‘School’ string to ‘Institution’ and ‘Qualification’ to ‘Certification’

    • Fix: Do not return current directory when there are no resumes attached

    • Update settings page header

  • Job Alerts 3.0.0

    • New: Accountless Alerts. A long requested feature, now a new option makes user registration optional for creating job alerts. Job seekers can create alerts just with their e-mail, and after receiving and clicking a verification link, they’ll start getting alert e-mails just like registered users did. These guest users can also manage via magic links in the e-mails sent.
    • New: HTML e-mails. The Alert e-mails are now formatted. Brand color can be customized, as well as whether company name/logo/location should be displayed for the jobs.

    • New: Customize which job fields can be used for setting up alerts.

    • New: Add Alert modal: Instead of navigating to a new page with a form, alerts can be added right from the job listing page. Clicking Add Alert opens a modal to create an alert for the current search.

    • Fix: Fix shortcode handler only running in pages

    • Fix: Fix job alert pre-filling data when clicking New Alert

    Note: WP Job Manager version 2.2.1 is required for this release.

    Developer notes:

    • Refreshed frontend styles for elements like notices and the new modal
    • Alerts switched to the e-mail system of the core plugin

    • New HTML variants for the alert and confirmation e-mails

    • Template updates for the shortcode and new templates for e-mails and the alert modal

    • General code refactoring

    • Accountless alerts functionality uses a new guest user concept, implemented in the core plugin. These users are stored as a CPT, and authenticate to manage their alerts via tokens in the URL

    If you customize Job Alerts templates in a theme, the templates will need to be updated to work with the new features. If you integrate with the add-on in another way, nothing should break, but please test and check if any code needs to be updated.

  • Applications 3.1.0

    • Fix Variable Scoping Issue in job_application_email_add_shortcodes

    • Fix CSV Export: Encode all fields to UTF-8

    • Update Resume Manager integration

    • Add privacy policy suggestion for Applications

    • Add support for new settings page layout

    • Add hooks to allow extra columns to be added to the form editor

  • WP Job Manager 2.2.1

    • Fix PHP 7.x error for mixed returned type (#2726)
  • WP Job Manager 2.2.0


    • Allow scheduling listings during job submission — add an option to show a ‘Scheduled Date’ field in the job submission form
    • Add new [jobs] shortcode parameter, featured_first so you can ensure featured listings always show up on top.

    • Add support for user sessions without a full account (used in the Job Alerts extension)


    • Improve styling for rich text e-mails
    • Include plain text alternative for rich text e-mails for better compatibility

    • Store previous license when plugin is deactivated for easier reactivation later.

    • Update design for settings and marketplace pages


    • Fix custom role permission issues (#2673)

    • Fix RSS, Reset, Add Alert links not showing on search page without a keyword

    • Improve PHP 8 support

    • Fix numeric settings field issues

    • Improve e-mail formatting and encoding, remove extra whitespace

    • Add file type validation and error message to company logo upload

    • Fix cache issue when marking jobs as filled/not filled via bulk actions

    • Do not emit warning when user with insufficient access to Job Manager menu tries to access wp-admin

  • WP Job Manager 2.1.1

    • Fix link to extensions page (#2650)

    • Update Twitter to the new X logo

  • WC Paid Listings 3.0.2

    • Fix: Add the preview step for renewals (#137)
  • Simple Paid Listings 2.0.1

    • Update supported versions.
  • Resume Manager 2.0.1

    • Update supported versions.
  • Bookmarks 1.4.4

    • Update supported versions.
  • Job Tags 1.4.5

    • Fix: Only run has_shortcode if content is not null (#148)
  • Job Alerts 2.1.1

    • Fix: Only run has_shortcode if content is not null (#148)
  • Embeddable Job Widget 1.1.6

    • Fix: Only run has_shortcode if content is not null (#148)

    • Fix: Fix EJW plugin link (#138)

  • Applications 3.0.2

    • Update supported versions.
  • Application Deadline 1.2.8

    • Update supported versions.
  • WP Job Manager 2.1.0

    • Fix: Remove public update endpoint and add nonce check (#2642)
  • WP Job Manager 2.0.0

    • Enhancement: Improve settings descriptions (#2639)

    • Enhancement: Add directApply in Google job schema (#2635)

    • Enhancement: Add ‘Don’t show this again’ link to dismiss promote job modal in the editor (#2632)

    • Enhancement: Add landing pages for Applications and Resumes extensions (#2621)

    • Fix: Align actions in notices in the center (#2637)

    • Fix: Safeguard array in WP_Job_Manager_Settings::input_capabilities (#2631)

    • Fix: Escape menu titles and various admin labels (#2630)

    • Fix: Incorrectly duplicated string in settings (#2628)

    • Fix: Add array initialization to avoid warning (#2619)

    • Fix: Do not check for plugin updates when there are no plugins (#2605)

    • Change: Reorganize administration menu (#2621)

    • Change: Update naming from Add-ons to Extensions, Marketplace (#2621)