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Job Tags

Improve job listings by adding Job Tags, which can include skills, interests, technologies, and more. Display job listings based on their corresponding tags and use them to search for relevant job opportunities.


  • Allow employers to tag their listings
  • Allow job seekers to filter jobs by tag
  • Built using WordPress taxonomies

With the Job Tags add-on, you can easily tag your job listings with required skills, technologies, and other related terms to help job seekers find relevant opportunities.

When jobs use Job Tags, they are displayed on your job listing and can also be displayed as a Job Tag cloud using the [job_tag_cloud] shortcode.

Job seekers will be able to filter jobs by tags they are interested in via a tag cloud shown within the  [jobs]shortcode.

Advanced search functionality is available through the ability to toggle multiple tags on/off for a refined job search experience.

Job Tags


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