• Job Tags

    Job Tags

    Improve job listings by adding Job Tags, which can include skills, interests, technologies, and more. Display job listings based on their corresponding tags and use them to search for relevant job opportunities.

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  • JobFinder


    A WordPress Job Board Listings theme for WP Job Manager with integrated page builder.

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  • JobHaus


    A Premium Recruitment Theme with full WP Job Manager compatibility.

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  • Jobhunt


    Jobhunt is an easy to use, cleanly coded and fast Job Board WordPress theme built on the principle of separation of concerns for WP Job Manager.

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  • Jobify Theme

    Jobify Theme

    A Job Board WordPress Theme with full WP Job manager integration.

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  • Jobseek

    A fully responsive job board theme for recruiting agencies and human resources.

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  • Landkit


    Build a beautiful, modern website with flexible Elementor widgets built from scratch. * Not compatible with all WP Job Manager add-ons.

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  • Listee


    An all-in-one Directory Listing WordPress theme perfect for any kind of online business directories and listings.

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  • LogicMelon


    Integrate jobs posted on the LogicMelon recruitment software to appear on your site.

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