• Company Profiles

    Company Profiles

    Outputs a list of all companies that have submitted jobs with links to their listings and profile.

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  • Contact Listing

    Contact Listing

    Allow users to contact listings via your favorite form builder plugin.

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  • Elementor Connector for WP Job Manager

    Elementor Connector for WP Job Manager

    Elementor Connector for WP Job Manager is a a plugin that adds design/layout widgets to your Elementor-powered website.

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  • Emails Add-on

    Emails Add-on

    Customize default emails, or create custom emails, with support for all custom fields, if & each statements, and more!

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  • Embeddable Job Widget

    Embeddable Job Widget

    Show a form on your site that users can use to generate an embeddable job widget showing job listings from your site.

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  • Espy Jobs

    Espy Jobs

    Espy Jobs is a full-featured theme for launching your own job portal website. With this theme, the focus is equally divided between job seekers and employers, making it a good all-purpose choice.

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  • Extra Fields for WPJM

    Extra Fields for WPJM

    Adds an extra Salary and Important Information fields to WP Job Manager plugin. both in the front-end for Job Submissions as well as in the back end for Job Listing management.

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  • Field Editor

    Field Editor

    Add, edit, or disable any default or custom job, company, or resume field. Use a widget, shortcode, or function to output fields.

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  • Field Visibility

    Field Visibility

    Set placeholder html/text for fields with custom groups based on the current user viewing the site.

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