Detecting Plugin Issues

The more plugins you install on a site, the greater is the chance that there will be a compatibility issue. We can make our core add-ons 100% compatible with each other but we can’t guarantee that for the other plugins on a site.

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If you noticed an issue, a broken functionality, a layout problem, or any other discrepancy between what our WP Job Manager plugin and its core add-ons should do and what’s going on on your site, start troubleshooting the problem by deactivating all other plugins.

If the issue gets resolved this way, start activating the plugins one by one and checking whether the issue is back after each activated plugin. Once you activate the plugin and the issue is back, you’ve found the culprit! Make sure to reach out to the plugin support and report the issue so that they can troubleshoot it and fix it on their side.

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Sometimes, the problems caused by plugins can prevent you from accessing the plugins page or your site in general! If that’s the case, access your site via an FTP client (like FileZilla) and navigate to the root of your site. Then, access theĀ wp-content folder and rename the plugins folder to plugins-old. This action will deactivate all plugins and you’ll be able to regain access to your site. You can also navigate to wp-content/plugins and rename the plugin folders individually. The aforementioned will deactivate only that particular plugin.

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As mentioned before, once you locate the problematic plugin, make sure to get in touch with their support team and notify them about the issue you experienced. On the other side, if deactivating the plugins doesn’t fix the issue and there’s still a problem with WP Job Manager’s functionality, please make sure to reach out to us on our official forum or via our support form for core add-ons.