CareerBuilder Integration

CareerBuilder Integration is a paid plugin for WP Job Manager which lets you query and show sponsored results from CareerBuilder when listing jobs and list CareerBuilder jobs via a shortcode.

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To install this plugin, please refer to the guide here:

↑ Back to Top Registering for a CareerBuilder Developer Account

In order to start listing jobs from CareerBuilder’s API you’ll need a developer account. To get this:

  1. Register for a CareerBuilder account
  2. Once registered and logged in, go to the the developer site and login.
  3. Request a dev key.
  4. After filling out the form CareerBuilder may grant access to a dev key. CareerBuilder reserves the right to grant or deny access to its dev key for any or no reason. It may be beneficial to confirm that CareerBuilder will grant access to its dev key prior to purchase.

↑ Back to Top How CareerBuilder Jobs Work

This plugin lets you backfill your job board with results from CareerBuilder dynamically. If a user searches and no results are found in your database for example, you can set this plugin to pull in X results from CareerBuilder’s API and display them instead.

CareerBuilder Job Appearance

CareerBuilder Job Appearance

Any jobs shown will link right through to CareerBuilder where the user can read more details about a position.

↑ Back to Top Settings

The settings are found in Job Manager > Settings > CareerBuilder. The following settings are available:

The Default Query Settings

When a variable isn’t set, for example prior to entering a keyword, these settings control what results are shown.

Exclusion Settings

These settings control which jobs are excluded from searches.

Restriction Settings

These settings control which jobs are excluded from searches.

Once configured, CareerBuilder jobs will be listed when appropriate via your [jobs] shortcode.

↑ Back to Top Enabling Category Based Searches

The CareerBuilder API lets you search by category, but in order to use this you need to map your own Job Categories to those that CareerBuilder recognises. To do this, create or edit a job category (Job Listings > Job Categories) and set the “Map to CareerBuilder Category” option. This looks like this:

Category Mapping

Category Mapping

When this category is selected via the [jobs] shortcode, matching CareerBuilder jobs will be searched.

↑ Back to Top Shortcodes

The CareerBuilder plugin comes with one shortcode: [career_builder_jobs]. This lets you list jobs from CareerBuilder based on a search you configure. It supports the arguments listed here, which includes:

For example, to search CareerBuilder for jobs with the keyword “Maid”, you would use:

[career_builder_jobs Keywords="Maid"]